Carpet Cleaning

There is nothing better than freshly cleaned carpets, and for anyone who has ever had it done, they know how deceivingly filthy your carpet can get! A good clean can bring an old carpet back to life, and for the wellbeing and care of your carpet,  it is essential at least once a year.

Here at Palace, we treat your carpet like our own with our 6-step steam cleaning process.

The process includes:

  1. Dry soil vacuuming to remove any dry particles from the carpet.
  2. Pre-spray of top quality detergents which are matched to the specific carpet fibre being worked on.
  3. A thorough pre-spotting process to apply detergents to pre-existing stains.
  4. Agitation, with a 15 minute dwell timeframe to help to loosen any deeply soiled particles.
  5. Steam cleaning and hot water extraction.
  6. Fibre grooming – this process helps the fibres to stand and separate to decrease the time it takes the carpet to dry

This 6-step process provides carpets with an extensive clean and helps protect them from future damage.
We only use the best products and detergents available, and all of our staff are fully trained and qualified professionals.

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